Secondhand shopping gets a bad rap. It conjures of images of disorganized racks of tacky clothing and overflowing bins of discarded goods.

Well it doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t get me wrong, I love a thrift shop treasure hunt every now and then, but sometimes I want to get my secondhand shop on without the smell of grandma’s musty sweaters. Many local thrift shops have upped the ante lately, offering carefully curated selections of pre-worn clothing. Do a quick search for thrift stores in your area. Check the reviews. You might be pleasantly surprised.

If there aren’t any good shops in your area, there are some great options online.

ThredUp: An online consignment boutique for women and children

Poshmark: Allows users to buy and sell their own gently-owned clothing

The Real Real: Men and women’s luxury consignment

SnobSwap:  Men and women’s luxury consignment

With Poshmark and SnobSwap, you post your own items and ship them out when they sell. With ThredUp and The Real Real, you send in your clothes and the company pays you for the items they can list.

All four options provide easy searching and well-reviewed sellers. Next time you need a sweater for fall, an outfit for a party, or a new pair of shoes, try consignment before you buy new. It’s one small step toward more sustainable consumption.


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