January Resolutions Update

January Resolutions Update

Apologies for being so late on the update. 2016 has been a busy year.

In January, I did a deep clean of my closet and drawers. I put out of season items in storage, pared my wardrobe down to just the pieces I really wear, donated heavily used clothing, and listed the rest for sale on Poshmark. I was left with about 30 items that I absolutely love and am excited to put on my body. My husband got in on the fun, too. We even sold one of our dressers, because we don’t need it anymore.

I thought that I might feel bored or limited by my new capsule wardrobe, but I don’t. It’s actually quite freeing. I know that I have a closet full of flattering, high quality, versatile clothes that I’m excited to wear. It also taught me about my own personal style. Although my wardrobe was filled with colorful, flowy pieces, those items rarely got any wear. Instead, I was reaching again and again for tailored neutrals and structured silhouettes. Those are the pieces that look good on my body and – more importantly – make me feel good.

January is off to a good start. I’m excited to see what the rest of the year holds.


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