The Naughty List

Here are some brands to stay away from.


Wal Mart: Where to begin? Anti-union policies, child labor, discrimination, predatory pricing, wage theft, labor violations. The list goes on and on…

Zara: Sweatshop labor

The Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic: Unsafe labor practices, child labor 

JCrew: History of labor violations

Nordstrom: History of labor violations

H&M: Unsafe labor practices, organic cotton fraud 

Victoria Secret: Violence against workers

JC Penny: Unsafe labor practices 

Calvin Klein: Sweatshop labor

Nike: Sweatshop labor


Monsanto: The list of Monsanto’s evils are almost too long for a blog post. The company has a long history of human rights and environmental violations. It is responsible for the manufacturing of DDT and Agent Orange. The seed company owns 87% of the world area devoted to genetically engineered seeds. (source)

Nestle: The Swiss food company has been on consumers’ shit lists for over 20 years, after irresponsibly marketing baby milk formula. The brand has more recently received criticism for employing child label, refusing to label genetically-modified ingredients, and using palm oil.

Coca Cola: Human rights abuses and environmental violations (source)


Shell: Pollution, arctic drilling, fracking, and tax avoidance 

Exxon: Lots of pollution

BP: Environmental disasters and UK tax avoidance 


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